Escape The Era Season 1: The Wild West Sierra the Designer (10th) · Saturn the Rockstar (9th) · Diamond the Looter (8th) · Chewbacca the Schemer (7th) · Hannayhah the Saloon Owner (6th) · Shelby the Bartender (5th) · Tyler the Librarian (4th) · Pizza the Satanist (3rd) · Aisel the Outlaw (2nd) · Mew the Saloon Girl (1st)
Escape The Era Season 2: Pirate Seas Safiya the Navigator (10th) · Jam the Thief (9th) · Zoey the Student (8th) · Connie the Makeup Queen (7th) · Leander the Archer (6th) · Jilliarn the Captive (5th) · Sierra the Designer (4th) · Tatiana the Idol (3rd) · Mrglgrgl the Captain (2nd) · Banana the Mermaid Hunter (1st)
Escape The Era Season 3: Disco Fever Mika the Pop Star (10th) · Beefyben the Cage Fighter (9th) · Nuke the Drug Smuggler (8th) · Athena the Salesperson (7th) · Jamison the Cultist (6th) · Ace the Cinematographer (5th) · Olive the Alcoholic (4th) · Milly the Business Woman (3rd) · Princess Pea the Disco Diva (2nd) · Keyanna the Leg Warmer (1st)
Escape The Era All Stars Season 1: Aquarium Hannayhah the Saloon Owner (10th) · Ace the Cinematographer (9th) · Milly the Business Woman (8th) · Shelby the Bartender (7th) · Pizza the Satanist (6th) · Connie the Makeup Queen (5th) · Tatiana the Idol (4th) · Sierra the Designer (3rd) · Jilliarn the Captive (2nd) · Jamison the Cultist (1st)
Escape The Enchantment Season 1: Verano Pussy the Eater (8th) · Vanessa the Wicked Witch (7th) · Josh the Warlock (6th) · Maxwell the Shadowmancer (5th) · Rob the Knight (4th) · Nay the Fortune Teller (3rd) · Elfo the Fairy Catcher (2nd) · Damien the Druid (1st)
Escape the Era Season 4: Ancient Japan Callum the Sumo Wrestler (12th) · Namiya the Jpop Singer (11th) · Mitsu the Noodle Eater (10th) · Aja the Priestess (9th) · Sakura the Geisha (8th) · Elina the Japanese Doll (7th) · Susanoo the Warrior (6th) · Kyle the Sushi Chef (5th) · Naruto the Ninja (4th) · Jacob the Samurai (3rd) · Simone the Travel Consultant (2nd) · Yang the Sensei (1st)
Escape the Era Season 5: 60's Beach Party Regina the Beach Babe (12th) · Ellen the Mellon (11th) · Cynthia the Surfer (10th) · Daddy the BBQ King (9th) · Kristina the Drama Queen (8th) · Cheryl the Drunk Bitch (7th) · Rex the Lifeguard (6th) · Cian the Bartender (5th) · Vajay the Nudist (4th) · Kenny the Disco Dancer (3rd) · Darrel the Greaser (2nd) · Alison the Volleyball Player (1st)
Escape the Era Season 6: The Dark Ages Orminda the Maleficent (12th) · Jodie the Barber Surgeon (11th) · Casper the Friendly Ghost (10th) · Jake the Marshan (9th) · Kai the Grave Robber (8th) · Keith the Dragon Born (7th) · Han the Nun (6th) · Rexxar the Hunter (5th) · Jillyjuice the Lunatic (4th) · Luke the Night Ghoul (3rd) · Delia the Demon (2nd) · Kristija the Goat Wrangler (1st)
Escape the Era All Stars Season 2: World War Z Luke the Night Ghoul (10th) · Cian the Bartender (9th) · Elina the Japanese Doll (8th) · Rex the Lifeguard (7th) · Naruto the Ninja (6th) · Chewbacca the Schemer (5th) · Mrglgrgl the Captain (4th) · Aisel the Outlaw (3rd) · Jillyjuice the Lunatic (2nd) · Vajay the Nudist (1st)
Escape the Enchantment Season 2: Invierno Velanis the Void Elf (10th) · Timmy the Yeti (9th) · Paola the Bad Bitch (8th) · Sexy the Beast (7th) · Kandolph the Great (6th) · Shocko the Winter Elf (5th) · Jimmy the Rat (4th) · Lucas the Fiery Trickster (3rd) · Max the Merry Marauder (2nd) · Sam the Magic King (1st)
Escape the Era: All Winners Alison the Volleyball Player (10th) · Kristija the Goat Wrangler (9th) · Keyanna the Leg Warmer (8th) · Sam the Magic King (7th) · Yang the Sensei (6th) · Vajay the Nudist (5th) · Banana the Mermaid Hunter (4th) · Jamison the Cultist (3rd) · Damien the Druid (2nd) · Mew the Saloon Girl (1st)
Escape the Era: Saturn Series Damien the Druid (5th) · Jimmy the Rat (4th) · Darrel the Greaser (3rd) · Naruto the Ninja (2nd) · Saturn the Rockstar (1st)
Escape the Era Season 7: Victorian Christmas Sainta the Old Clause (13th) · Rudolph the Caroler (12th) · Lucid the Festive Thief (11th) · Chris the Angel (10th) · Pussy the Eater (T - 8th) · Klaude the Gingerbread Man (T - 8th) · Ekatrina the Slutty Reindeer (7th) · Kaitlyn the Chimney Sweep (6th) · Hah the Pregnant Woman (5th) · Matt the Reindeer Herder (4th) · Anna the Aunt (3rd) · Jane the Maid (2nd) · Jeff the Christmas Elf (1st)
Escape the Era Season 8: Aztecs Bahati the Mother of Ten (12th) · Graf the Deer Hunter (11th) · Xayacatl the Instrument Maker (10th) · Cratzu the Noble (9th) · Takiki the Warrior (8th) · Fudge the Kitchen Maid (7th) · Taki-Yoka the Tribe Councillor (6th) · Hermione the Sorceress (5th) · Arikah the Peshkunk (4th) · Matthew the Metzi (3rd) · Shulu the Leader (2nd) · Angel the Tribe Peacemaker (1st)
Debuted in Season 1 Banana · Chewie109 · Diamond TP · iixTyler · Mew? · Pizza · SaturnSlayer· ShelbyCuteness · Sierra· Paola
Debuted in Season 2 Miz Spicey · Padsquad2010 · The bad pun person · What did you just say
Debuted in Season 3 kiri_playmadek · Milly · Nukelar · PrincessPea123
Debuted in Enchantment Season 1 ChuckleGaming · kingpokemon8 · Olliethedolphin
Debuted in Season 4 Doodlay · Jamie · MonkeyBoy684
Debuted in Season 5 Darkest Blossom · ellendewar123
Debuted in Season 6 Cereal Bar · Just Jake · luckyluke2503
Debuted in Enchantment Season 2 max1in1000000
Debuted in Season 7 The Legendary Giraffe
Debuted in Season 8 Kill Me Now
Debuted in Season 9 Shadowmast555 · Titus
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Welcome to the Escape The Era WikiEdit

Escape the Era or ETE is a Discord-based game show typically hosted by Rebecca and Rhianne Skullbones, but sometimes by Jessica Jollybones as was the case in Season 5. Escape the Enchantment is a “jolly” spinoff to Escape The Era hosted by Jessica. Her grandmother, simply known as Grandmother Jollybones, also joined in until Season 8. Currently there have been about nine or ten seasons of Escape the Era, and three of Escape the Enchantment.

Each season has a certain theme, e.g. Season 3 had the theme of “Disco Fever” and the challenges given by the hosts will be relevant to the season‘s theme.

Bottom 2 Edit

For every challenge, two contestants (or quite rarely, 3) are voted into a “bottom 2” often abbreviated to “BTM2”. They are given a challenge by the host and the winner is able to eliminate or “kill” the contestant who was in BTM2 alongside them. The winner of the main challenge is unable to be voted into BTM2, giving them Immunity.

During a Twist Day in Escape the Enchantment, however, the rules in BTM2 may be switched. One example of a twist is that the winner cannot kill, and the loser who would have died is able to kill any contestant except the Immunity Winner.

All Stars and All Winners Edit

All Stars and All Winners are fairly similar in the fact that the cast is comprised of members from previous seasons. The main difference is that contestants entering All Stars have placed 2nd or lower in previous seasons. Currently there have been three seasons of All Stars, and one season of All Winners.

Winners Edit

Main Seasons Edit

Mew The Saloon Girl (s1)

Banana The Mermaid Hunter (s2)

Keyanna The Leg Warmer (s3)

Yang The Sensei (s4)

Alison The Volleyball Player (s5)

Kristija The Goat Wrangler (s6)

Jeff The Christmas Elf (s7)

Angel The Tribe Peacemaker (s8)

Dom The Medic (s9)

Enchantment, All Stars and All Winners Edit

Jamison The Cultist (AS1)

Damien The Druid (Enchantment-Verano)

Vajay The Nudist (AS2)

Sam The Magic King (Enchantment-Invierno)

Mew the Saloon Girl (AW, also s1)

Aja the Priestess, Shulu the Leader (both AS3)

Samantha the Satanic Queen (Enchantment-Diablo)
  • Yang
  • Banana
  • Keyanna
  • Jamison
  • Damien
  • Mew
  • Alison
  • Kristija
  • Vajay
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